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Tips and Best Practices for a Web Series

Among the most popular formats for video production is the web series. Viral one-shots, such as every video that’s ever involved a playful cat, are unpredictable and often unfulfilling. A regular series, on the other hand, creates communities of people around a single product or Chicago videographer interest and can just about guarantee viewership. Below …
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Hiring Professional Videograhy Services for Special Occasions

Video editing services can help your business in many different situations. Whether you’re starting a new video marketing campaign or having a special event, such as an anniversary sale or art gallery opening, you can count on professional video services to help you create the videos that will grab the attention of consumers that are …
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Chicago Videographer Tells How to Prepare for a Shoot

Preparing for a shoot is one of the many stages a production company will professionally oversee. Without the proper foundation for a video, it is bound to fail. Fortunately, a videographer will prevent disaster. The preparation or pre-production stage of videography will likely be the most taxing in that many preparations must be made at once. …
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9 Tips for Hiring a Video Production Company

Before hiring a video production company for your next project, read our 9 tips from a professional videographer on what to look for in a company. You might read about something that saves your project! #1: Production Quote Make sure that the video production company gives you a complete proposal identifying what they will do. …
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Planning a Corporate Event at McCormick Place? Here are some Facts

McCormick Place is a great place for corporate events and corporate event videography. Aside from selecting event vendors for videography, photography, food, etc., here are some facts about McCormick place might affect planning a corporate event there. McCormick Place Has Gone Green More and more people are going green lately, and Chicago’s McCormick Place, despite …
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3 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Promotional Video

You can explain the benefits of the services or products your business provides all day, but nothing beats the strong impression a video production will leave with your potential clients. When someone visits your website in search of services, they’re much more likely to trust your business if you can show your business and its …
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